gentle footprints

Gentle Footprints offers a pathway in understanding personal and cultural identity in today’s world.


It is for:


  • Youth who face confusion and uncertainty around their gender, culture, identity and heritage

  • Adults who want to nurture bonds of communication with, and build the capacity of, youth in their communities

  • Adults who want to take the first steps towards Healing Circle Work.


For youth and adults entering the Gentle Footprints pathway, there is five weeks of training, with anything between two hours and one day of each week allocated. 

For adults who want to use Gentle Footprints to build the capacity of their community’s youth, Kultchafi offer a three-day course at the end of which the participants will be able to deliver Gentle Footprints in their communities.  

the outcomes

Gentle Footprints provides participants with:


A deeper, more personal and insightful understanding of who they are in terms of Spirituality, gender, culture, identity and heritage.  


How this interconnects them into groups of people. Human beings are groups or herd people.  


Further understanding of tolerance toward themselves and others. They will learn understanding of ‘Who am I?’   

It is vital for every person in our communities to respect themselves, others, places and things. In 21st century Australia, ancestry is just as important as in the past 70,000 years.


Gentle Footprints is a pathway to get back on track. It is not easy, but neither is it hard. It is a journey towards Healing for our youth and our communities. 

Cultural Healing Gentle Footprints flyer