Healing services

Healing Circle Work (HCW) is intensive work. It is not a therapy but therapeutic outcomes manifest.  It demonstrates Aboriginal Cultural ways of doing business “our” way. 


Participants are motivated to deal with trauma and life challenges with honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, respectfulness, decency and fairness to themselves and to others.


Entering a Healing Circle is suitable for addressing:

  • Stolen Generation trauma

  • Displacement

  • Abuse

  • Isolation

  • Alcohol and other substance abuse and addiction

  • Domestic and Family Violence

  • Gender issues

We also offer a

Gentle Footprints process which is suitable for youth, and also adults seeking a pathway into Healing Circle Work. Find out more

By taking part in the seven steps of HCW, participants can learn to experience a restorative and health-giving sense of wellbeing to themselves and others. HCW is a place where participants can just ‘be themselves’.

  1. First step: Realisation and recognition.

  2. Second step: Reflection on what is recognised.

  3. Third step: Identifying the Lateral Violence from within.

  4. Fourth step: Dealing with the core elements where “stinking thinking” and “bulldust behaviour” has driven emotional entanglements and anti-social behaviours.

  5. Fifth step: Salvation, restoration and reconciliation to become their true self

  6. Sixth step: I am a Spiritual BEING. I possess a soul. I dwell in a physical body.

  7. Seventh step: Living, not existing.

How to participate

Kultchafi Healing Circles are delivered in group sessions only, with a minimum of five participants.


Each Healing Circle takes place over a minimum of five sessions. 

Kultchafi also offers Healing Circle Facilitator Training.

For more information, and details of pricing, please contact us.

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Cultural Healing - Healing Circle Work -
Cultural Healing - Healing Circle Work -

About Healing Circle Work

Healing Circle Work has been developed over many years in consultation with Elders and Traditional Owners from across Australia.


The development until 2020 was headed by Cheri Yingaa Yavu-Kama-Harathunian,

a proud Aboriginal Australian woman of the Taribelang, Bunda, Gooreng Gooreng and Kabi Kabi peoples.


Aunty Cheri had been a women’s hostel supervisor, a foster parent to 13 Aboriginal children and has worked in prisons, facilitating and therapeutically working with men who had committed violent and sexual crimes.

In addition, Aunty Cheri had extensive experience in suicide prevention, gender issues and supporting Spirituality, holding a Bachelor in Applied Science in Indigenous & Community Health (Major: Mental Health & Counselling), and a Masters in Criminal Justice.

Today, Kultchafi Services continues to work with Traditional Owners and Elders from across the nation to ensure the ongoing integrity and focus of our Healing Circle Work.