Cultural Contributors

The services delivered by Kultchafi Services have been developed over more than two decades, working in

consultation with Elders and Traditional Owners from across Australia.


The development was headed by Aunty Cheri Yingaa Yavu-Kama-Harathunian, a proud Aboriginal Australian woman of the Taribelang, Bunda, Gooreng Gooreng and Kabi Kabi peoples.


Today, Kultchafi Services works to deliver accessible and inclusive cultural healing services for all peoples, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, staying true to the integrity and wisdom of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voices who are sharing their knowledge to support Reconciliation in Action.

We partner with Traditional Owners, Elders and academics from across the nation.

Aunty Lurlene Henderson

Aunty Lurlene is a Director of the Lonweigh Aboriginal Corporation, the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre and the Bunya People's Aboriginal Corporation.

Uncle Stirling Eggmolesse

Aunty Jenny Springham

Aunty Jenny is an Elder of the Goreng Goreng people in Central Queensland, delivers Healing Circles to all people without barriers or discrimination. Aunty Jenny has had a long career in the areas of Aboriginal Health, Child Safety and Youth Support.

Aunty Sarina Jan

Uncle Stirling is a Gooreng Gooreng Elder and a Director of the multi-award-winning Indigenous Wellbeing Centre.

Aunty Sarina is a Bardi descendent (Nyul Nyul clan) from the Kimberley region (family name is Hunter) and is strong in her Aboriginality, identity and culture. In 2018, she was awarded the Northern Territory Top End NAIDOC - Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also of Chinese descent and is proud of her Asian ancestry.

Uncle Wayne Fossey

Uncle Wayne is an experienced Principal, teacher and educator, and has been involved in research into Learning Communities across Australia and Torres Strait Islander communities. He is a member of the USQ Elders and Valued Persons Advisory Board.

Teagan Cowlishaw


Aboriginal designer Teagan (TJ) Cowlishaw founded and operates the AARLI Aboriginal design house. Born in Darwin, she is a Bardi descendent and has family links to Chinese pirates.

Our operations

Kultchafi Services works within a partnership model that walks alongside our clients. We offer:

  • Organisational services that will help you to embed real Reconciliation in Action within your operations. Find out more here.

  • Cultural Responsiveness Training - this is provided in an e-learning environment with real-life scenarios. Find out more here.

  • Healing services - Group sessions that support healing of our communities. Find out more here.

ceo ara julga harathunian

Chief Executive Officer Ara Harathunion is a member of the Institute of Company Directors and sits on a number of Aboriginal Corporation Boards. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Certificate IV Business Management, Certificate IV Governance, AD Accounting and Dip. Business Governance.  Mr Harathunian has extensive experience in the community services sector and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs, including the establishment of an award-winning Aboriginal Medical Service (AGPAL national AMS of the Year 2016).

Communications & Marketing

course development

Kultchafi has a professional communications team and regularly attends national and international conferences. Follow us on LinkedIn for latest information on where we will be presenting next.

Kultchafi develops in-house resources with ongoing consultation with our range of partnerships across Australia. 

Our communications team uses the Moodle system of e-learning, utilised by universities and other learning institutions across the nation.

pulse checks and audits

Kultchafi offers Accredited Auditing services delivered onsite at your operations. A Lead Auditor works with the client throughout the delivery of this service. Reporting is delivered to best-practice standards.


Our team includes qualified Trainers with more than 30 years' combined experience across the Cultural Healing arena. Our content has been developed to enable and empower any organisation to embed Aboriginal Terms of Reference and Cultural Ethos Theory (CPE) within their ongoing operations so they can become part of the true journey towards Reconciliation in Action.

Healing circle work

Kultchafi Services has a dedicated team of Healing Circle Work Facilitators who lead a rolling program of group sessions.

We also deliver training in Healing Circle Work Facilitation, so as to ensure the ongoing sharing of Aboriginal knowledge and wisdom across our communities.

Our vision

To come together to share culture

our mission

To promote Reconciliation in Action

our purpose

 To deliver cultural healing education and training based on a Reconciliatory Framework and set within an Aboriginal Terms of Reference