What is an Organisational Cultural Responsiveness Pulse Check?

Updated: Feb 1

An Organisational Cultural Responsiveness Pulse Check is organised into three (3) main areas. Your Organisation, your Workforce and your Community Engagement.

When analysed, the Report will speak to your organisation’s readiness to address the application of practices that increase and/or maintain its ability to provide effective services and supports and engage in actions that are culturally responsive.

The goal is to embed cultural responsiveness within your organisation within an Aboriginal Terms of Reference Framework (ATR) underpinned by reconciliatory principles. This will help you to ensure sustainable and positive outcomes.

The Report is not intended to fully capture or account for the full complexity, diversity, and influence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. However, the findings from the Organisational Pulse Check will:

• Deepen insights as to the way in which culturally responsive practices are holistically integrated across all tiers of your organisation.

• Provide a snapshot of where your organisation is on the developmental continuum, of Cultural Responsiveness.

• Help your organisation understand Cultural Responsiveness, its strengths and the ability to empower everyone in your team to work towards reconciliation in the 21st Century.

If you are interested to know more about the Pulse Check please click below. https://www.kultchafi.com.au/services-1