This 40-page book offers images and descriptions of a large and unique collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historic artefacts as displayed by the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre in Queensland.
The term ‘lore’ refers to the customs and stories the Aboriginal peoples inherited from the Dreamtime. Aboriginal lore was passed through songs, stories and dance. It governed all aspects of traditional life. It is common to see the terms law and lore being used interchangeably. This book provides information around the collection of artefacts gifted to IWC as custodians. We in this present generation, by viewing these artefacts, are given an opportunity to reflect on what it must have been like to live in this beautiful country when these items were created.

It is hoped that as you view the artefacts and read this book you will be blessed to appreciate the history and meaning of what you see. They speak to us of their past, and the history of those who made them. 


Artefacts of Ancient Australia

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  • A4 book, 40 pages, full colour