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Facilitated workshops for executives & managers

How Culturally Responsive is your organisation? Take the Kultchafi Services Organisational Cultural Responsiveness Pulse Check. The online survey is available for all sizes and types of operations, offering a candid insight and support.

Kultchafi offers a full onsite audit

service at your place of operation.

This can take place after your Organisational Cultural Responsiveness Pulse Check is undertaken, with a full analytical report provided to your Executive and Senior Management. The audit can be held over one or two days, depending on the size and structure of your organisation.

Kultchafi offers facilitated workshops for your Executive and Senior

Management to embed Aboriginal Terms of Reference and Cultural

Philosophical Ethos into your operations. By making these key elements part of your structure, you are moving towards true equity and equality for First Nation peoples within your

operations and client / partner cohort.


Pricing for the online Pulse Check starts at just $1200 + GST.

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Pricing for the onsite Cultural Responsiveness Audit starts at just $3800 + GST.

Download the price list here.

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Pricing for facilitated ATR and CPE Workshops starts at just $4900 + GST.

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