Organisational Pulse Check and Audits

organisational pulse check: how culturally responsive are you?

To deliver Cultural Safety in an evolving and changing world it is essential that each individual in an organisation is Culturally Responsive – able to change and shift in line with emerging needs.

So what is Cultural Responsiveness in relation to delivering a Culturally Safe work environment / service? It means that people within all levels of your operations can:

•    Recognise and respond to the historic and social issues that continue to impact Indigenous peoples.

•    Understand differences between the two World Views of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

•    Enable and empower Indigenous staff and clients to share their World View and cultural nuances that may be a barrier to effective communication.

•    Have an awareness of, and respect for, the complexity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander society today.

•    Support the delivery of services effectively and respectfully when working with Indigenous peoples.

•    Be open-minded and flexible in their attitudes and  beliefs towards Indigenous peoples

•    Appreciate the power differentials and their impact on Indigenous clients.  


The Organisational Pulse Check is available for all sizes and types of operations, offering a candid insight.

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Kultchafi offers a full onsite audit

service at your place of operation.

This can take place after your Organisational Cultural Responsiveness Pulse Check is undertaken, with a full analytical report provided to your Executive and Senior Management. The audit can be held over one or two days, depending on the size and structure of your organisation.

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